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Gitli Goods founders Monica Dowling Jillian Joseph

From the first day, we knew that we were kindred spirits.  We met while working in Creative Services for Ralph Lauren and found that we shared a passion for authentic, vintage American style and Southwestern design.  Our other common love… dogs! 

Our dream was to one day combine our talents and sensibilities to create a lifestyle brand of our own.  Now, seven years later, that dream has become our reality.

Monica Dowling

I am drawn to things from the past. Things authentic and well made. They have a story, a patina, and reflect a different time. They are the result of someone’s passion and craft, a reference and inspiration for the present.

I have a bohemian spirit. Stevie Nicks is my fashion icon. I love well-worn blue jeans, fringed leather and heavy turquoise jewelry. The impact that fashion has on society intrigues me. I guess that’s why I have always wanted to be a part of it.

I studied Fashion Merchandising at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. My education prepared me for my future roles at Burberry and Ralph Lauren, both in Creative Service. It was at these companies that I learned how a corporation was run. Budgets, concept development, sourcing, production, distribution, marketing, branding – all on a global scale. It’s takes a whole lot more than simply making something look pretty.

Today, as an entrepreneur and my own boss, I have combined all those years of learning, experience and design influences to co-create Gitli. Nothing makes me happier than to be able to share my passions and love of my dog Baron with you. Hopefully over a fine glass of bourbon!

Jillian Joseph

My love for leather and accessory design came into being in a very happenstance way, almost 10 years ago. While in college at West Virginia University, I was lucky enough to apprentice with a very talented leather craftsman. He took me under his wing and taught me many things, but honoring your trade was utmost. A passion was sparked and that passion fueled a handbag line and now Gitli Goods.

I am drawn to things that others may consider imperfect. If it’s ripped, worn or torn, I like it best. My most memorable experiences and training from Ralph Lauren were at Double RL. I could relate to the rugged authenticity that drives the brand and lifestyle it encompasses. Those years working for Ralph Lauren Creative Services truly shaped my aesthetic and provided endless inspiration. I was thankful for the lifelong friends, experiences and skills I acquired at Ralph Lauren but I always felt California calling…

So this East Coast native bought a one-way ticket and one suitcase and threw caution to the wind. I am inspired everyday by the natural beauty that surrounds me here in California. I take photos in excess, design, dance, create and make. I am a lover of denim, leather and large dogs, especially one named Gunner.

Gitli Goods

Through Gitli Goods, we intend to capture the authentic spirit of American freedom, and recreate the integrity and time-honored details found in the vintage pieces that inspire us. We source only the finest materials for our line – ones that represent the timeworn charm we love and respect. What’s more, each piece is handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans who are true purveyors of their trade.

Gitli, which is the Cherokee word for dog, is named in honor to the two that have fueled our passion and have been our best friend’s along the way, our dogs, Baron and Gunner.

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